Tuser is a product created to enter an ecological market and create value in it, since it is unusual to find this type of accessible product. Also, it is a desktop product that can raise awareness on many school desks. It is a product that contributes to the purchase of recycled materials, reducing the environmental and textile impact in landfills. It is simply adding a stage in the life cycle of the sales items.
A frequent problem we find is the excess of used clothing textiles after consumption. So it was found that reusing and transforming discarded textiles into new products can help reduce waste, adding a life cycle to it.
Prototypes were worked on paper to visualize the shape and finishes of the product that helped us to visualize problems or changes that may arise. Some materials were added to new prototypes until the end.
After several prototypes and material alternatives, a 100% recycled materials desktop pen was delivered as a product.

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