Originally from Puerto Rico, Natasha Raquel is a graphic designer and creative director on her own firm, called Motiarte. Natasha Raquel designs brands graphic content for products, services and / or events. She is the creator of ideas, responsible for the development and elaborates the visual content focused on user's needs.

Natasha developed personally and professionally in Puerto Rico, where a versatile, small and competitive sector is used. She has always worked alongside the company and hand in hand with its directors. Due to the problem of the lack of knowledge of design in those in charge of requests, Natasha created workshops on the value of graphic design aimed at entrepreneurs and / or directors. She explains the basic design structure, the importance of being true to brand guidelines, and efficient ways to make design requests. She managed to establish a better understanding in entrepreneurs when working with creative resources and generated greater value and interest. She aims to seek assertiveness between client and creative relationships, as she understands that she offers value to the final product.

Natasha is currently reinforcing her professional career within a design master's degree at the Complutense University of Madrid. She continues to work with Motif simultaneously with her studying her.
Natasha Raquel is currently available for new freelance projects. You can download her resume and contact her anytime. She's always up to for virtual coffee meetings with new cool people like her.
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